VDOT This Week: Three Greene Roads Scheduled For Resurfacing

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will begin construction this week on the $4.8 million Shelby Road RCUT project in Madison County. The project is funded by a Fiscal Year 2017 Highway Safety Improvement Program grant and a FY20 SMART SCALE (Round 3) grant. VDOT has not released an anticipated project completion date. ***** The following highway work is scheduled, weather […]

Tarot’S Path: Seven Of Pentacles And Judgement

Get up; get dressed; go to work; come home; get undressed; go to bed. Lather, rinse, repeat. Year after year. You pay the bill this month and a few days later another one pops up. You’re relieved to meet your monthly quota, but now must meet the next month’s quota. You clean only to have to clean again the next […]

Greene Co Admin Issues Citizen’S Guide For FY25 Budget

Town Halls scheduled Monday and Thursday nights Ahead of Monday and Thursday night’s Budget town halls in Ruckersville and Dyke, Greene County government has issued a Citizen’s Guide for the Fiscal Year 2025 Budget. Greene County FY2025 Citizens Guide FINAL CMS by news on Scribd “This was an incredible team effort and I appreciate the diligence and hard work that […]

Greene: It’S Never Too Late To Get A Birth Certificate

Prior to Tuesday, Edison Pilgrim Crawford did not exist; at least according to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Crawford was born one of 15 children to James Monroe Crawford and Polly Jane Morris on a Bacon Hollow farm in Dyke in the early 1950s. That information is certain as the family Bible says so. From there, however, it gets trickier. Since […]